Project Proposal:

Project Proposal

“Everything is Visual”! That is something easier said than understood. There is a fine line between ‘seeing’ an image & ‘reading’ or ‘interpreting’ the image. Today, we have become an image driven society.  Words have taken a secondary role due to the power, complexity and stimulation created by the constant bombardment of visual imagery.  The creation of images through the available technologies has become extremely easy, especially with younger generations.  Teenagers today are extremely facile in using all kinds of tools available in creating and absorbing all this information.

My personal interest and point of departure for my research is to investigate what drives or stimulates the creation of images in a generation that has profoundly adopted the video game and television as second skin.

-How can the creation of an image become a tool for social interaction as well as promote personal development among teenagers?

-How can it promote an understanding of their surrounding visual environment?

-How can a teenager become part of the creative process rather than simply absorb the end result?

My research question at this point is a bit broad and vague, but surely will narrow down as my research begins.

The methodology I have in mind is to personally interact with various teenage groups.  I intend to observe and document their reactions and actions to various questions, activities and projects that I will propose. As well as use their feedback to construct more activities and projects.

An important research tool that comes to mind is the photo booth.  I believe it is a resource that can undergo further development by reinventing the idea of instant photography. That particular moment that is captured and developed in minutes.  The photo booth for instance creates a document of time.  It not only records your face but creates a moment of interaction between yourself and the image you create.

The idea behind my research is to help provide younger generations with a different outlook of their daily visual environment.  The goal is to create a project that will enhance and promote new understanding and excitement of the visual world through alternative tools rather than the mainstream television screen & computer game.  A way to redefine oneself and identity by taking a creative stance.

The project hopes to come to terms with the reality that at any given time we are all visual beings, subjects & objects, watching & absorbing, being watched & absorbed.

The interest in understanding the world through a visual language  is something I believe is a fundamental in able to communicate and respect the world we live in. I am hoping to develop the skills of visual understandment in teens through my project over the next 2 years, and be able to learn and adapt how this age group sees.   its all a bit vague at the moment , but as time goes by I am sure it will become clear or even move into a new direction…


I have added some images to give an indication of my interest

jelly 33



A:the marriage between the sea and lighting all in one motion

B: the story that one image can tell without revealing all the known facts, allowing the on looker to imagine the details that are missing

C: the x-ray of  sexuality


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