During the holiday season, I got the chance to take the position of Art Director on a very low budget or no budget video clip,, I stepped to chance to direct with great pleasure and enthusiasm , while filming the clip I even took the camera in hand and filmed various scenes of the video clip myself that where used in the final edit , so below is the video ..!



– working photographer and part-time lecturer, born and raised in Canada, but have been living in Cyprus for the last 9 years. Studied photography at Ryerson Polytechnic university(Toronto) …. Just finished my first photographic installation work in a club . I have been working for Harper’s Bazaar for the last 3 years and would like to move my photographic abilities into another direction rather than the fashion industry. Something more interactive than just photos of models in cool clothes !I started documenting the world around me at a young age, whether it was collecting of photographing  with a cheap  35mm  camera that had a fixed focus lens.  Also from a young age I had a real connection with animals and more specifically dogs, therefore I had a high respect for nature and this influences me still on a daily basis that only true  PURE  visual beauty is in nature. Nature is where my core for the keen sense of colour comes from, i am constantly running behind the colours of nature trying to  mimick them in my work or heighten their existence .

Living in Cyprus has been a real shock for me the last 9 years,  even though my ethnic origin is Cypriot, living here and co-existing with the culture and the people has been a huge change from living and growing up in Canada. The island is beautiful and has a lot to offer to those who are outsiders, the locals do not have such a vibe for its beauty , therefore much  has been left for ruins and alot has been left behind and seen as not usable.

I thought that this would make it all little more human, for us to actually know what each of us looked like and some samples of what we actually do….. I figured from our conversations so far that all of u have a really comfortable relationship with the computer, and thats really one of the things I hope to come more in tune with through the next two years ,, NOT that great with computers,, I cried when I had to start shooting digital cause the magazines I work for demanded digital … I graduated from university with a degree that only entailed full partnership with the analogue world , where I had printed and developed my film, where I took a year of historical processes only to be faced with a couple years after graduation to have to reinvest and buy all new digital equipment,,,so I cried :)…….

Profile Picture(London 01/10/09):ME!


Work Portfolio:random images from various photo editorials


From June of this year, I have ben working with a local club that has been around for 10 years,, Club Zoo is in the heart  of Nicosia, and over looks  the venetian walls were the old Nicosia lays… The club has become a landmark in Nicosia and is known for its forward thinking in club culture. The owners contacted me to help them with a mini summer renovation , I had a small exhibition of photographs there many years back and they had remembered my work and brought me in to install some light boxes in order to make the club a little different for summer and before the big renovation that is currently under way…. The winter renovation is in its last week and I have been working on two parts of the club again in the way of installation photography in the form of illuminated  images, I will have a 6.5 meter image that is the underside of a bridge that connects 2 parts of the club ,, and the club consists of only one wall ( the rest is  floor to ceiling glass) that i will have displayed several sized light boxes that represents a movement of light.. so will post images as soon as the club re opens !!!  The importance for me that the Zoo project has is one of a great deal,, this is the first time that I have been commissioned to install my photographic work in a public/private owned space.. Cyprus is not a place where photography is so much understood , respected or valued as an art form,, I feel that my work that is displayed in Zoo  is  an indication of change in attitude by the people here, the change to understand , respect and value the photographic image , the work is also a representation of how the photographic image is not just a printed photo on paper and framed on a wall. Photography can adapt to many other mediums and work with them to create something truly extraordinary… I hope this work also gives some inspiration to younger artist that have intentions to study or work as photographic artist …


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