This page is dedicated to the presentation of self made work for the use of referencing of purposed project. All work is created by me in order to document through visual aid the thoughts and the feelings that the project may evoke me to create .. a visual time track ….


the use of images (still frames) to produce a flash video, my first try at this !


the human element, light passing through our existence while not taking notice how it engulfs or bodies. The lights here take on the element of fear and destruction rather than comfort and truth. The beams of light look like they are to execute my friend Andreas, bright lights=exposing= execution of privacy

01/2011 The fascination of the churchs chandelier, I cant not but be mesmorized by the elegance of its weight and its presence of light , the cuts of the dangling crystal that nonetheless pierce and hurt you, but its a work of art to just watch the many pieces hanging  flawlessly in the air,,,, whenever I am in church all I can think of is how could I get my hands on one of these chandeliers !!! Saint or sinner !

01/2011 The simple elegance of rain on the window , the pattern of nature that is undefined by human intervention and can not be recreated the same ever. Patterns but not on purpose..


The first post of the year for this section at least, its a video that i did in the studio of isolating only the feet against a really battered floor, a little bit of space, out of time feel to it,  watch without volume!


Havent added to this post in a while , i guess primarily been preoccupied by other things and the research paper. which has given me new direction and a clear understanding of what I am trying to create. Even though it is Christmas holidays and holidays should be used for just that but unfortunately this year jobs have come up that I could not say no to , one being a video clip which I offered my services for free a visual director , which is something really new to me , this I will post at a later date seeing as we just finished it last night … for now I have a series of images that provoke feelings of directional and architectural structure that I found interesting when you photograph them in a edited cropped way, elimanating the structure as a whole and concentrating on a part of it to give it a new identity


passing through space , patterns , motions , walking = repeating a movement, repetition in nature,  and in public spaces,,, do we depend on repetition to be able to acknowledge the presence of the being


Fiber Optic strings (kos , greece)

Its september and all changes , the light of the day starts to warm earlier in the day , and then vanishes so quickly into the horizon , that I ALREADY BEGIN TO CRAVE SUMMER ALL OVER AGAIN


So I have literally , well in some sense taken a break from all ,, I mean thats what holidays are right ??? Well kind of , in the back of mind lurks the uneasy feeling of guilt creeping into my most pleasant thoughts,, guilt that I should be working on my MA,,, and then I kick my self and say , a holiday is too detach yourself from everything that is in any way work , school related… SO I am back and I have been reading “Non Places” and thinking a lot about architecture and space in general, so with this in mind I write in pictures , can’t help u cant kill the nature of the beast !!!!!!!!



I drive by this building at least twice a day , its situated in the downtown are of Nicosia,, On this given day I actually was stuck in traffic and got the chance to actually stare at it, pin point my eyes to seeing specifics to this building… Timing is truly everything, traffic = observation time= editing view=camera=photo=end result….. capturing only the top of the building allows for displacement , unknown origin , unknown size, unknown location and unknown time period, therefore removing the existing surroundings by a simple shift of the camera and angle you can create a space with many unknowns ,


My newest read that is for the end of unit 1 paper…. The book is a great intro to the way space has changed from its purest form to its modern form of connecting to the remotest areas of the world and the trend of globalization of space ,, making the most private of your space into the most public .


CY to UK

This will never seize not to amaze me each and every time i fly ,,, being in the clouds, literally in all sense being above everything., being carried in a vessel that its highway are just clouds  and blue skies,,, A space that u never forget , a space you never get bored of ,,,


, camera , action, capturing light and its travels, the question between seeing in colour  and recording in black &  white,  black and white  deletes some information at the same time gives new information.

I have started reading the book Sequences (Contemporary Chronophotography  and Experimental Digital Art ), where  am discovering the interesting relationship between space and time , and adapting it to my recordings of light travel and the way light can take shapes and forms of all sorts ,, how do we put a logic to the moving light and its obscure creations.

photographing a small sequence of events allowing light to transmit the message in its own from, pattern and colour  The same object is photographed three times represented differently each time, surely if more time was spent this object could easily be  represented 3000 different ways.. The allowing of light to dance through the camera and in and around objects is a very fascinating show, it will set moods and thoughts just by its presence and its ability to silently creep through the air in and around objects , changing their meaning and shape and resulting in erasing their existence  in all.. Light creates and then destroys  all in one time less motion………….

Eternity moving, circular forms the represent the end and no beginning,, this allows for personalization, there is no predictable form or  structure to formulate the ideas or notions , the circle is a pure platform for creative movement without restrictions or wrongs or rights ,, its pure freedom .

transparent and layered and process

the idea of multi layering existing methods in order to recreate new results of images that exist and that once had no real interest of  attraction as solid objects. The above images start from being solid plastic objects, photographed by enlarger in a darkroom directly onto photographic paper (skipping the neg or slide) ,,, then being transferred over to clear overhead sheets and then printed onto photo paper and then again photographed while in motion…..

sound images , is that possible , can a photograph if constructed with the only the element of light create a sound we can see ?

Morgan New York April 2010

An installation of LED lights on the ceiling of the lobby of  the Morgan Hotel in New York , an alternative way to upgrade a lobby to a more a futuristic approach through the technology of LED”S. The lights moving remind you of the hustling and bustling of people in a large city, random movement towards an unknown destination.

Larnaca Cyprus May 2010

…….. with these images I bid my farewell to my 10 years of working in the magazine industry ,, funny enough my images started to walk the path of light and its very presence of importance. This last shoot was to mark the end of an era for me and the pages of the glossy magazines that I put all my effort into month after month and year after year. To my luck the model was a very charming and sweet young lady and reminded me of the good things that this job has had , the innocence of the image of pure beauty,… I am not sure what I will be shooting or how my days will be filled now , but the one thing I know is that I will not be buying any magazines for a while , to become better is to feel the void, to feel the absence of something you love and this is what I will be doing now that the camera will be removed from my eyes,,,,,


An interesting display of intersection of mother nature and technology. After a very bad thunder and lightening storm, the info sign that is meant to display anything from weather information to parking lot capacities , had gotten all confused when the storm arrived and ended !! I find this display of twitches very interesting and how the colours bleed together to make the sign look like a painting thats in motion !

Afternoon light

The light that so innocently appears as the  sun starts to pour into the windows of my office , taking the shape of the vertical blinds that it struggles to shine through. The light that moves in the shape of lines racing forward leaving traces of light following…


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