Camberwell College of Arts

Mid Point Review Digital Arts:  Wednesday 14 April

1. Evaluation of my project proposal as a part of a self directed program of study

2. Where I need to develop study plans in relation to the Unit 1 Learning Outcomes


Most people including myself feel extremely overwhelmed with modern day technology, too much is going on around us to be able to adapt too, understand or even feel comfortable with. When looked at closely technology is just advancement and a refined stage of historical inventions. Therefore it has a place in all our lives on a daily basis whether we recognize it or not. The project as proposed is still on the track of creating an interactive venue that combines the elements of the historical modernity of light and sound with the intention to create a space that has the ability to entertain human relations as opposed to more predictable venues such as cafes or bars. . Bringing art, technology and human interaction all together within one space.

Aims & Focus

How to reference my train of thought with others that master the ideas that float in my head??? , This is an element that remains a little problematic, in efforts to resolve this a lot of time is spent reading and collecting materials of all sorts.

The result of all this is to try to have a rhetoric effect on my audience through the mediums of light and sound.  Simple questions start to formulate,

1. Absence or presence of light and sound, what are the effects?

2. Hearing or seeing, which one is more important?

3. What language do lights speak?

4. Music vs noise or vice versa?

The reading produces questions and ideas for the formulating of the experiments that are to be translated into input for a final outcome. The video that has been created for the purpose of the presentation is a raw first step between translating theory into practice. and how the research can translate itself into something more understandable amongst my audience. (see video)

Methods & Issues

In efforts to make things easier for myself,  I have broken down the whole of the project into smaller pieces.  I still do not think that this maybe working, due to the fact that new pieces seem to evolve as the research process progresses.   To date besides reading I am collecting and in some cases producing new information in the ways of photographs, video.  Progress must pick up the pace , I feel that I am not where I should be at this point when it comes to  both the research and the experimental process. I recognize that I need to spend more time developing my ideas. The project written on paper seems structured, but in the ways of executing elements of the project it begins to become more complex and new layers seem to appear out of nowhere.  Reading something or seeing something new, triggers new ideas  and I feel like I start moving into another direction. Focusing is an issue!


New Aspects & Territory,, Audience response

Experiment #1 (Video interaction)

A simple video has been created, not a Hollywood blockbuster ! but the first step of my practical research. The intent of  the video is for me to develop my research out of the context of the written word and into the practice of showcasing my thoughts till date. The video was watched by a variety of individuals either solo or within a group. After the video was watched each individual was asked the following simple questions :

1      How long was the video

2      In one word what is the video about

The video is a combination of light, colour, noise, repetition of image and then at the end  a solid image of reference (light bulb). The video combined abstract elements with a solid figure (light bulb) in order for me too distinguish who paid attention to just the last 3 secs of video and found that that  part overpowered the previous 18 seconds before.  The question that asks about the element of time is for me to see how one records time while watching something unfamiliar, and the restriction of having to answer with one word was for the viewer to compress thoughts and filter them through one word only, in some cases this was not achieved as for some to compress thoughts was not a substantial way of expressing their thoughts. The end result when the video was watched whether between groups or with just me present generated a discussion about what actually are the right answers, therefore the fact that there was a questionnaire after the video had given them the notion that there actually is a right and wrong answer .  This also provoked a lack of confidence in the viewer that they where not equipped visually to understand what they saw. The end results give way to new ways of development of the project.

Types of Participants:

Financial controller, architect, fashion stylist, make-up artist, tattoo artist/model, fashion entrepreneur


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