Unit 1 Research Paper: Abstract

The main objective of my research paper is to explore interior architectural space and its direct effect on human interaction. Various variables of interior spaces affect and shape our thoughts and memories as we live , grow and experience within the limits of constructive space,  whether it being a public or private. We often walk through spaces without taking notice that they may have some kind of influence on us in anyway, or even  how they may affect our senses and or emotions The recent installation by Zigelbaum & Coelho for the W Hotels Designers of the Future, embarks on the “lobby as a living room”, this is a good example of direct human interaction to space, in this case human interaction shapes the space and gives a clear indication how participation directly and instantly is the key ingredient of this installation. Allowing a participant to play a direct role in the installation leads to allowing unknown people experience something new, different and enjoyable.

Through the importance of how we structure our personal space explained through Gaston Bachelard and the acute research of Marc Auge on the significance of spaces such as supermarkets, airports and hotels, my research paper will attempt to answer the importance of how architectural spaces are constructors of our senses and our memory keepers.  Such artist as Dan Flavin will also be explored in how the use of light and colour also provokes our senses and guidance through spaces.. Modern architect Tadao Ando and his use of light to direct within walls , will enlighten the paper as the  architectural prototype of reference of modern space.

Key words:

– Senses

– Interaction

– Memories

– Transition

– Manipulation

– Light



Unit 1 Research Paper: Abstract 07/10

The main objective of my research paper is to explore the various variables that concern and entail the use of private space. How a private space can be manipulated to transform from its primary intention into a venue for the purpose of an interactive installation that the space also plays a conducting role. The recent installation by Zigelbaum & Coelho for the W Hotels Designers of the Future, embarks on the “lobby as a living room”, therefore addressing a very interesting notion of personalized private space within a private space shared by many. The interactive exhibition allows each visitor to create and interact resulting in their own ideas to light up in front of them while they contribute to the temporary transformation of the hotels lobby. The issue of space as a research question is broad and needs to be broken down into smaller key elements that need to be researched and have relevance to each other and to the final project. The research of space manipulation is related to the final projects presentation element. In order to research private space I also must research the ideas and theories behind public space and or spaces that give the appearance of public but are private.

Key words that will structure the body of the research paper are the following:

– Interior Architecture

– Patterns

– Repetition

– Interaction

– Solidarity

– Shapes

– Transition

– Manipulation

– Colour

The research question is meant to solve the issue of what will better accommodate, represent, and conduct the effectiveness of my final project.  Methods such as experimental practice by me in the way of video & photography are a way to explore my relationship within space.  The research into the following are to help me construct my research paper, this is still in a developmental stage and will change.

-Architects that construct and or take into serious consideration space and its importance

-Installation artist that have or are using private and or public space as a means of presentation

-Defining space for presentation purposes

-Visual theories (colour , patterns, repetition)


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