Develop your Project Proposal to plan a challenging and self-directed programme of study:

Under this heading lays the foundation of the beginning of this course. In the beginning my proposal was formulated and constructed in a way that it derived of many variables in which I believed could be tied together developed and then executed into one single project.  I was initially interested in developing a project that would stimulate interaction without the use of video or television as points of interest https://id09.wordpress.com/2009/10/04/profile/), I was extremely keen on this at the time of course, but then again the initial decisions were based on basic ideologies and the lack of knowledge and research.   Later the idea of the project existed but allowed for the research to start to take a forward leap, the leap led to new findings and new ideas that interested me more. The project even obtained a name Flicker of Life (https://id09.wordpress.com/2009/11/08/proposal-revised/)

the name still remains but has taken on an even newer identity Flicker of Life now does not deal with the aspect of sound but only the aspect of light and space, this profoundly specified rendition of my primary thoughts is a direct influence of the research paper that was completed December 1 2010 (https://id09.wordpress.com/2010/12/01/unit-1-research-paper) Within the line of the Walls” was for me a discovery of the interest that I have had for so many years with light that occupies the interior structures of  public and or private spaces, the research paper really helped me to fine tune and concentrate on what and how my research will develop from now till the time of construction of my final project.

Demonstrate a critical engagement with practice-based research and contribute actively to debate and discussion

The creation of the blog was one itself a very difficult task for me to understand and contribute on a weekly base, having my thoughts and findings posted on the web for all to share seemed a little intimidating and exposed me in a very strange manner. It has taken me a while to grasp the ability to post on a 2 dimensional forum as opposed to my original medium of the scrapbook where I still find myself writing in and adding photos in. The scrapbook has not been mentioned nor has had any appearance on the blog, for me it is a very separate collection of thoughts and pieces of light and space references, I have included some pages just to justify its existence but would like to keep it separate and present it at the end with the my project.

An element of mystery and or surprise I would like to think of it.  As for the practice based research I began to feel at some point that my blog at which has picked up its pace more this year had only practice based work as I felt it was more important for my personal progress, later did I realize that the research of others and the way they work is as relevant. I tried my hand at video for the MPR, for me this was the first time moving from being a still image artist to trying to produce a moving image and incorporate all the elements over time frames and instead of one frame

, the video was short and I guess for many very amateur but for me it was a new step into another dimension of recording thought.

Later comes the video “Walking”clip , in which I filmed in a studio and had set up all the lights and the motion of the walking and swaying of lights , the walking on a floor of such rough concrete but still be able to eliminate that essence of dirt because of the powerful use of such bright and warm light.  Moving on from the video is the collection of imagery shot by me https://id09.wordpress.com/2009/11/23/light-documenting/

the section light documenting is a visual time track of weekly images that I come by that have particular points of interest again within the subtitles of light and space.

As for discussion in class, I do partake as much as I can follow, there are times where the conversations are not about topics I have any understanding in, this is why I have on numerous times asked we be steered into common grown topics or readings in order to provoke more discussion and debates, something to get our blood boiling, even mini written assignments that we could post, sometimes the real time chat leaves for difficulties to articulate responses that’s may make sense.

Articulate a clear understanding of the methodology and context of your creative practice in both written and verbal forms

Understanding the methodology at times is difficult I think as I become so drawn to finishing a written piece of work that the practical work may take the back seat in progress.  My creative practice if not documented all the time has really helped me in my daily work, since the beginning of the program I have had the chance and experience to art direct a tv commercial and music video, (still to be released). I do believe that the self directed form of study has taken me some time to get use to, I de feel that I am getting stronger at documenting and being able to articulate what may be of use and what may not be of use to me and not just posting any old thing I may come by, cause in the end editing may take ages and confusion when reflecting back to the blog for reference. Therefore I have developed a personal tactic of editing and at times it may seem that I am inactive within my research.  My goal for the next unit is to direct myself in producing more work to blog and not depend on the research of other as much, the project needs to take a strong structural form in order for me to be able to create a final piece, if I dwell within the works of others anymore I may not be able to really create what I feel and see. My methods for unit 2 will take on the start of serious experimentation.

On to the next……

Surely as I go along and through reading and just being more alert of my points of interest I discover new interesting ways to follow the light.   The interest in light has now moved me into taking alot of notice of natural light and its extraordinary ability  to create such unique situations on surfaces of interior spaces. The way light pushes its way through or onto a room or its window to make itself present to all of us. Light in nature also has grabbed my nature as well and how natural light leaves to never be able to be copied even when we try, all is derived from nature and formulated eventually into more materialistic and commercial matter.

New images created and found in the last week that are moving me within the lines that nature creates and the light that follows them, creating a duplication of its original form but only with a beauty of its own:


The method of using a visual time track to record the appearance of light, the way it takes shape and forms around or through the existing.  My ability to express through many words still lacks but makes do to the way of pushing myself to produce and search for imagery that relates the meaning of my proposed project (Collections Category). i am first o admit that I would like  to be able to find more journals and articles to read that would help stimulate and reassure my understanding of the properties of light and architecture.


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