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Looking back……

Within the White Walls

A film created with the absence of color and the presence of light, stripping the ideals and notions of details and color from our life. Living within the white walls of our vision and our minds. Deplete the known and replace it with its primary meaning a combination of video and still images that become a  compilatation of monochrome compositions, allowing for the images to take on multi layered facets through the shadows of light.

The story is yours to define

I must start by saying that it’s a little comical revisiting your blog from the beginning, in the sense of reading what you once aspired to do and what you have actually done. At the same time for me it has been a challenging experience, which was what I had hoped for when I applied for the MA.  It’s been nonetheless a beautiful two years full of new experiences and new ideas that have come together and many different ways to create the “living within the white walls” exhibition piece.

September of 2009 marked the beginning of my time at Camberwell, and at that point with Andrew Stiff, a new experience for me studying on-line and not in a classroom, not knowing who my classmates were neither my professor. This was odd at the beginning, but the awkward feeling so gave way to the enchanting personalities through the on-line chats,  , within no time we became friends without borders you could say. At that point I was really keen to produce a project that would be interactive, little did I have the understanding of that word till I read Relational Aesthetics, by Nicolas Bourriaud, did I learn about the intricate levels of interaction along with the types.  Images posted at that time were full of vivid colours , electronic vomit as I called the lights of Time Square New York and the magnificent installations of Dan Flavin and James Turrell. As the months went by I even dabbled into the idea of sound playing a role in my undefined “interactive” project and I watched an interview of John Cage, read two books “No such thing as Silence, John Cage’s 4’33” by, Kyle Gann and Background Noise, Perspectives on Sound Art by Brandon La Belle, the sound brewed for a while but I eventually arrived to the decision of my final project to not have any sound at all. Any sound added I felt would not allow you to truly define what you saw as your own interpretation, the sound element would only direct your thoughts into a direction that would be imposed by me, and that I did not want.  The beginning of 2010 brought on new ideas and concepts, when the Abstract was due and I used a very small video to get across my thoughts, this began a whole new way of seeing for me and video was a new option for final output. I had no previous experience with video and being a photographer I was a little hesitant about video being a medium to which I would channel my thoughts and creation.  With the completion of Unit 1 came the more concrete ideas and   I really began to feel focused, defined in what I was really interested in, but still there was loose ideas floating around that really did not make any sense as a whole at the time. The papers and presentations within this Masters course were what made me focus and find my way through to the end. The beginning of 2011, I was given the opportunity to art/fashion direct a music video and this is were I really decided that I would use video as my final output, I put aside my photographic biases and embraced the way video could capture continues motions of light that a still image could not.  By March 2011 I began to deplete color from the work and allow that to be what would be perceptively the interactive tool of the project, without realizing sometimes what you don’t see is what makes u see… this still held true for my reasoning of no sound either. The end result is a video of all the elements and stages of a project that started so long ago, the transitions and confusion that you entail until you reach the end are not comporimisable and are truly needed to be able to produce a substantial piece of work. A piece that has been a part of you for two years.  The MA really pushed me to become very self directed, organized and disciplined to record outcomes and thoughts.  The jumble of ideas I had became uniformed and molded by the help of my classmates and the highly experienced and supportive likes of Andrew Stiff and Jonathan Kearney.

Within the White Walls is a new me or maybe another me or an extension that is only relevant because of the years of professional and academic experience. It is  an addition to my visual world that has moved from static prints to a very subtle step forward into the moving image, which in the end I have come to terms with, it’s a good thing!  I have found the research that has been done has enlightened my photographic style by adding an element of more perceptive meaning to the images I produce, I am striving for my images to tell a story to those who look at them.

From here the future is of course unknown, but what I can say is that I have gained an experience that is unique in all ways.


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