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1.Present, in the final exhibition, a resolved body of creative practice that has evidenced the systematic enhancement of your knowledge and understanding:


The end justifies the means, as they say, therefore the result of two years of research presents itself in the form of a short video called “within the white walls”. The awakening of my process had presented itself clearly after at the end of unit 1. Before this I dabbled in and out of ideas and not having a disciplined a single idea to elaborate on, thus my blog was a collage of just things that I found interesting. A collection of random ideas some that developed and some that just stayed were they where put


The research paper open up new ideas and venues that would allow myself to develop later a structured train of thought and work towards a single idea with sub ideas attached to it.

At this point I began to post on my blog images from various artist that reflected ,my thoughts and ideas of the exploration of light, Architects like Calatrava who could master the marriage between architectural forms and light were of the likes of my research and visual understanding how important this technology was, how it had gone beyond the light bulb to structures alone



ÞDuring the collection of images from others I began to produce my own images that reflected the research I had been influenced by, thus images that had light present that occupied space or, how light was being a secret contender in a space, at this stage things were still shaping themselves, but it had become more clear that I was moving towards a direction that would be elaborated along the way


The final creation of “within the white walls” saw the displacement of all concrete levels of detail remove themselves from the moving and still image, this was as a result of all the research and collecting of images that had marvelous amounts of detail and colour for instance the work of  Kusama.


The collecting and researching work that involved vivid colours and details that really entertained my eye, would lead to me creating the exact opposite. I strived to still have the dynamics of an image that would speak and wanted to be spoken to without the layer of colour. The displacement of colour and the monochrome images would allow also for the light to create a game of shadows.




2. Analyze and reflect coherently upon your own practice and its context in both written and verbal forms:


An extension of me, a continuation of what was already present but never developed, this is what I would say when reflecting upon my work. The MADA has allowed me to find new ways to express and create, new venues of practice without fear of failure or criticism of the professional world

-Creative thinking and development in an environment that generates ideas as well as embraces them.

The final project is a piece of work that has combined the ideals of interaction in a non-traditional way, perceptive interaction not physical interaction. Adding your own story to the skeleton of the existing one, giving it a life of your liking



3. Summarize your overall progress and formulate a constructive plan for continuing Personal and Professional Development:


Personal development


Self-discipline. The hardest thing to do, this for me developed in unit 2, in unit 1 I had a difficult time adjusting to recording on my blog, was really just treading water and not having concrete ideas or direction. The research paper developed my ideas and gave way to more concrete ideas.


Literal meaning.   My development in the ability to give literal ideas and explanations of what the work was actually trying to say. Once I was able to speak in an coherent manner about my work. Once I could explain the work I began to be able to develop the work in a forward direction. Clarity was the key role of development.



Aesthetic development.  The MADA has developed my work in many ways, the ideas through the chats/tutorials and the chance to research other practioners and adapt their ideas to my own work. Having the opportunity to explore and be given the opportunity to develop/ change ideas has resulted in a methodology of learning for me to create images that sustain an even more individual quality than before.



Professional Development


– At this point without shame I am unemployed and rely solely on my freelance opportunities. The near future holds a solo exhibition, that will have relevance to the images developed within the MA. The exhibition will serve to stand  to try to entertain an audience here in Cyprus with little experience and understandingof  photography as an art form . with that said in an soft tone , I will strive to move the exhibition to other parts of Europe and maybe back to Canada.


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