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Living within the white walls

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Circular Vision

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Using a fisheye camera, capturing images within a circular frame rather than a rectangular shape, its a bit of trial and error to be honest but  when something does actually appear and it can be interesting enough to make sense and post !


Video Footage

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Shot with a prism filter, hand held at the Church for the Children in Meniko Cyprus, its a church dedicated to children that may be suffering from any illness, In the yard of this church lays a tree where you hang pieces of clothing of your ill child  in order to bless your child, This church is hidden away many kilometers from the road… I also attached the image of the church…

Pecha-Kucha Presentation

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so the end is getting closer and time seems to not be on my side ! so much to do and it seems that 2 years have flown by and i am just starting to get a hang of this Blog thing !!! More video footage will be shot this week seeing as I have found a model with white hair ! hahahhahah life withing the confines of white , seems limiting at first but some times limitations have there way of creating volumes of resources and images.. setting a limit helped my research to explore and concentrate … some new still images below!

Light , still being the main contender in my research, this image just to show its motion and its ability to be captured while moving and presenting itself in a form that is not able to be seen by just our eye,, the light has to be captured and confined within the the frame of the camera , it housed by the camera in order to have the ability to relate this image


I have had the time to reflect and review my work and move into the final phase of collecting images and footage ,or what I mean to say is creating images and footage for the final , so below are some images I produces over this last week , that co-incide with the underlaying research of the absence of colour…

Paint it over with white it to make it new again

Good till the last drop , isn’t what they say , a drip a drop , it notifies us of the end

CHALK: Fragments of childhood possibilities

Hair : Hair is a combination of two images of white hair photographed in the studio , the interesting thing about this image is that it actually looks like smoke instead of a hair from a wig , it unusually delightful to create images of such objects that exist for reason besides there potential beauty.


We fade to white, a short video exploring the reflection of the sun on the water and the ability to adjust light to fade from black to white , to an unknown to seeing nothing of what you saw a few seconds before..


The new section that will feature everything that is white, this is a journey towards the end of the year project where the absence of colour and presence of light are the predominant features of the installation.. so it has evoked me strongly the imagery that can be produced when delating any colour and allow light to bear over the existing presence of another object that is also made from white.

Material Testing

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Ghostly interaction, testing of a Lee diffuser filter, with an image as a backdrop in the place of a real person, just to get an idea of how it would look when people pass behind the filter.


Below is another test of Lexan with a blue filter and with a manequin for a more effective take on how the material interacts  with a person




The testing has begun, different building materials that can produce moods and effects when in combination with a light source. The video is the testing of the material Lexan (polycarbonate resin)….


The spinning room fan, emitting light in intervals , creating a connection from outside in